roundtrip pasalubong

i just got my pasalubong from pinas:


  1. adobong takway – cooked with bagoong by my nanay.  the container was not tightly sealed, that the sauce leak… mark’s shirts smell like ginamos…
  2. bucayo – homemade by lola ciriaca… best bucayo in town…
  3. a pair of tsinelas – its just been  two months when i dont have one, so my sis sent me a pair of islander which is a bit smaller than my feet… so i bought a pair of crocs sandal when a store had a 50% off on crocs products… and this new one… now i have three pairs. wehee…
  4. my pirated friends dvds… which i missed… though i can always watch friends re-runs here on tv.
  5. books bought through the effort of indhay dabby in manila who is very kind to go to powerbooks in megamall and sent it to doc riz in iloilo:
  • twisted travels by jessica zafra
  • si tatang at ang mga himala ng ating panahon, a special edition of ricky lee’s book first published in the 90s.  i really like this book, that i always borrowed it from the UPV library.  i always want to have a copy of it that i even think of telling the manang librarian that i ‘lost’ it, then it was declared lost… naunahan ko sang iban…

oha, solb na ko… tenk  you gid…

in return… before the year ends and in time for christmas, im sending a pasalubong box too…


almost full now and i still have a few more months before i can send it… abangan…

basang-basa sa ulan

pirme lang ga ulan diri. so kung tapos na ang obra kag pwede na ka relax, medyo basa anay gamay.   kung magkadto gani ko sa twon proper sang paris, gahapit ko sa gamay nga book store didto. kag so far, apat na ka libro ang akon nabakal:


  1. teacher man ni frank mccourt, ang nagsulat man sang favorite ko nga angela’s ashes.
  2. crime and punishment ni fyodor dotoyevsky
  3. the house of the dead ni fyodor dotoyevsky liwat… german author nga pirme lang gina mention ni jessica zafra.
  4. american gods ni neil gaiman, ang writer sang coraline nga ginhimuan na sang animated film.

so far, ang crime and punishment pa lang ang naumpisahan ko nga basahon. kag gina-control ko lang self ko nga kung makapit ko liwat sa bookstore, indi ko anay magbakal sang libro… kung ka, magka back log ako.

holiday hang-over

dapugerz, part. ano man… january 4 na wala pa gihapon bag-o nga post.

daw nawad-an ideas si thoto sa bag-ong tuig.  pahuway anay.

reading between the lines


shhhhh… indi pag-istorboha si thoto… kuno abi seryoso gid pero bag-o lang na liwat naka-basa libro.

sa padayun nga pag-ukay sang akon baul, may mga libro pa ko gle nga ginpang bakal sang una nga daw nalumotan na sa banga, kag wala ko pa nabasa…

ginpang bargain ko pa ni ang iban, nabakal ko as low as 50 pesos. dapat umpisahan ko naman magbasa, imbes nga maglantaw sang kokey