of being young and old

last week, may i-reto kuno sa akon si senyorito…

‘nyorito:  hey, kwan. how would you like me to hook you up with my old nurse…

kwan:  errrr… do you mean OLD age?

utoy-utoy kadlaw ang nurse nga nakabati… kag nagsaligbat…

nurse: oh, she’s not that old, i think she’s around 39…

‘nyorito:  just as old as me…

nurse:  yeah, but she likes younger guys…

kwan:  nice… you’re trying to set me up to an OLD woman who is a pedophile???

kag napuno sang harakhak ang kwarto…

Isang Tugon

  1. good day…

    it is nice to be back sa blog mo…i missed laughing out loud sa mga blogs mo..hahahhaha

    btw…how was the nurse nga gin reto ni nyorito mo? hahahahahha

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