casino royal

Mark asked me if i would like to go to casino with them… he said that this is canada, i should have fun… may point gid sya, otherwise i would be stuck in the house again.  and the weather’s very good just to stay home.

on our way to the casino, he gave me a hundred dollars.  nice eh.

mark, my uncle and my aunt were laughing because i entered on the area where there’s  a guard standing who asked me about my age. when i said that i am past 30, it seems like he’s not convinced because he asked for an ID (again)! i started thinking that my ‘baby faced’ is becoming a liability… lintek!

anyways, so we went to this Caribbean poker table, and my aunt told the dealer to take it easy on me because its my first time…. a big guy on the other end of the table said:

oh we got a virgin here!

heh… baskug! i want to hide under the table…

then the game began…

it seems like i was having the beginner’s luck because i did won… i even got a full house (which players seldom get), and trips (three of a kind) two consecutive time… the old lady beside me said that i was indeed lucky, then she guessed that i might just finish school because i look like a nineteen year old… hmmm…. feels like she wants me to give her some chips… hehe… of course, i thanked her for the compliment..

so after three hours, i doubled the money that Mark gave me and i was very happy… and if i know that i am happy, i should clap my hands, eh? <—- this one doesn’t sound funny when i used it before but i can write about it in the future entry.

anyways, mark asked me if what will i do with my ‘winnings’… so i asked him if i can spend it again at the casino… of course i was just joking… he advised me to buy anything that i like because, its my lucky day and i should enjoy it… i dont have anything in mind now… i am open for suggestions. yeah, as if i won big time… its just $100+ and with a few more dollars, i can buy an ipod. hmmmm…

4 Tugon

  1. hehe… barato da bi….

    baw, ari naman di gali ang “oh right, if im happy and i know it, should i clap my hands?”


  2. try give it to me some..hahahaha

    for me to bet as well..hahahahha

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