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i used to be a couch potato, i spent my free time watching tv.  i can’t imagined myself  living without tv.  then when i started working, my tv time became shorter… there’ no good shows anyways… and there’s the internet.  so if before i would watch every telenovelas and gag shows, i cant tolerate them now.  i’d rather watch documentaries… naks… kuno abi… however, documentaries are being shown on philippine tv  late at night or after midnight.  so even if i wanted to, i cant watch these shows otherwise i would be late at work.  i am happy now, that here in canada, gma pinoy tv shows them at daytime… so i can always watch i-witness, reporter’s notebook and even the ever nostalgic ‘walang tulogan’ by master showman kuya germs.  there’s the usual telenovelas like totoy bato, adik sa ‘yo, zorro, dapat ka bang mahalin, etc. but it doesnt make sense to watch it if i dont  know how the stories started.

while scanning the channels, i realized the difference between the kind of shows from the philippines and canada.  pinoy have more of telenovelas while canucks have docu and crime-mystery type of shows… most of the latter are imports from the US like CSIs, The Mentalist, the Closer, Prison Break, NCIS, etc… of course there’s the famous Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and tons of reality shows about surviving, races, model and star searches… only a few of these are interesting like the surivor, amazing race, american idol, america’s next top model. canada has its own version of the idol and the next top model but they’re not as popular as the US version, even here in canada.

our non-cable networks in pinas doesnt even reached to 20, while they have almost close to 100 channels… which reached to 700 if you are hooked to cable tv.  most of these channels dont amazed me though… our shows are livelier… theirs are close to boring… probably because i am just not into it. but its easier for you select the type of shows that you want though, because most channels shows the same kind of programs… they have food channel, cartoon/kids channel, travel channel, space channel, local channel, sporst channel, music channel, reality shows channel, news channel, movie channel, foreign shows channel, comedy channel, even government channel…

then the first thing that catched my attention when i arrived was the term closed captioning message (and usually sponspored by a product/company) which appears before a show starts… after the rating message appear (i.e. rated PG, R-18)… i asked the locals for the meaning of the ‘closed captioning’ clause but nobody cant explain it to me… so as i am writing this, i searched it in wikipedia, otherwise i will forget about it again…

Closed captioning is a term describing several systems developed to display text on a television or video screen to provide additional or interpretive information to viewers who wish to access it. Closed captions typically display a transcription of the audio portion of a program as it occurs (either verbatim or in edited form), sometimes including non-speech elements.

ah gle… the next time i am going to see it on tv, i can now explain it to people who see it always but dont know why it appears on their freaking tv.

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  1. closed captioning is also available here in pinas… pero sa mga shows lang na imported… hehehe… I always turn on the captions option when I watch shows sang una sa studio 23 kag rpn 9…

  2. musta na? nami imo blog kay kinaray-a. karay-a man amon nga hambal pay tama siguro kadalom. taga duenas takon pay indi takon pariente ni tenient gimo. diya takon sa texas naga nursing. sa august gani dyan ako sa toronto , sa missisauga, maatend ka nursing reunion sang lower year ko sa school of nursing sa manila. instructor nanda ako anay. sa novotel ako ma stay kay dyan ang venue sang reunion. enjoy takon sa imo nga blog. keep up the good work.

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