field report

jessica zafra called for a field report from her fans. being an avid follower of her books, i deligently answered the questions on her blog (awaiting to be moderated). i might as well share it here:

1. Where do you live? (What town or city in which country?)

Paris… Ontario, Canada. Paris is near Brantford, where Alexander Graham Bell was born. He made his first phone call to Paris, Ontario. I am a Paris-ite!

2. When did you move there? September 2008

3. Why did you move there? To look for greener pasture, brown na kasi ang damo sa Pinas.

4. What do you do there? (Not an existential question. Are you a student? What university? Are you employed or engaged in business? What sort of business?)…

Let’s just say that whenever my employer will treat me badly, my dialogue will go like this: ‘I care about my job sir… I care about you’…

pero keri ko pa rin… ST lang… sipag at tyaga…

5. Are there a lot of Pinoys in your area? Any idea how many Pinoys live in that town or city?

In our neighborhood, we’re the only pinoys. But 15 minutes drive from us, in Brantford, there are lots of Pinoys… chismisan, tong-its and videoke every weekend…. feels like home…

6. Do you hang out mostly with Pinoys or with the natives? with pinoy, i.e. myself… as I’ve said, we’re the only pinoys in the neighborhood.

7. Are you there for good or are you coming back to the Philippines?

Hopefully, I can get a permanent residence visa in two years… then bakasyon na lang sa Pinas… syempre pag may money, mag-iinvest din ako jan.

8. Are there any good Filipino restaurants where you live? No, our house is our pinoy resto… we can buy all the Filipino ingredients in a Vietnamese/Chinese store. My merienda is composed of siopao, Lucky Me Lapaz Batchoy, Ligo sardines and sky flakes.

9. Do you get to see Filipino movies and/or television shows? How?

Yes, we subscribed to GMA Pinoy TV and they show pinoy films every sunday… yep, im proud to be kapuso. My aunt brought some pirated pinoy films… and my sister sent me orig. ploning and caregiver dvds.

10. When the people there learn that you’re from here, what do they usually ask you?

So hows it like living in the Philippines… is it pover-ish in there?

and i answered, wtf is pover-ish… our country may not be as rich as yours but we are happy and good-looking people. linti!

8 Tugon

  1. haha! poverish man! hehehe… nalingaw ko sa “linti!”… Maskin sa Cebu lang ko, mamiss ko gid gyapon mga ilinggo nga expression… hehehe…

    ay abaw, kag ginpadayaw pa gid ya ang pirated movies… haha! Pinoy gid ah… 🙂

  2. geez.

    first time here.hehe

    another ilonggo blogger!

    ilonggo ma ko.haha.

    uhmn. nicee blog ^^,

  3. flattery naman ur sabat…hahahhaha… very candid and frank…tani gn damo mo pa ang wtf nga expression..hahahaha…pwd mo na i spelled out..hahhahaha..i dont get it kasi…hahahahha

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