i won! i won!

in times like these (with the recession and unemployment), many people try their luck on lottery. sa ‘pinas the jackpot prize for the super lotto reached to P288M+. while in Ontario, it reached up to $39M+, the second highest jackpot prize in the lotto history here.  no wonder, there were long queues at the betting stations.  and i was one of those hopefuls…

my aunt said that if we win, we will go back to ‘pinas… errrr… not me… im just about to enjoy my life here… so i might stay or travel the world first… plus, i want to avoid  those instant ‘relatives and friends’ that might be waiting for me at the airport.  hehehe

my bossing said that if he will ever win, he will take his dad from the hospital, bring him home and hire private nurses for him… and he will make his siblings retire from their work… oha, how unselfish is my senyorito…

i have a secret…  i actually  won… yep, i won the lottery…


last january 4… $67.20… and it was just my sixth time to buy a ticket… not bad eh…

hopefully, i will win the jackpot prize next time… and if i do, i will no longer blog… because i will hire people to write my blog… bongga di ba. hehehe… and im even practicing my happy dance now…


11 Tugon

  1. hehheehe. ako nag da-og $97.00 last nov 2008. ang akon kas a di nagdaog $100,000.00 sang dec 2007. te puli kami tanan eh. subong the jackpot prize is $49 million. kabay pa nga madaog kita

  2. baw congrats, ka mga swerte sa inyo. but then, who knows, tomorrow i’ll be a millionaire. P330M is still a big money. Prepare ka da abyan Kwan kay dira ako manago sa imo. hehehe

  3. hahahaha..suwerte mo kwan….

    blow out b da..hahahaha

    round trip ticket lang pa canada..pwd? hahahaha

  4. hahahaha….you won…you won…
    ti nagdaug ka gali?

  5. balato da b? pamahaw lang..daw nagutom na gd ko hehehe

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