wok with kwan

whenever i tell people that i am a food technologist, the first question that they would normally ask is if i am a good cook…

and i would always answer them that a food technologist doesnt necessarily have to be a cook.  we are more into food processing… processing is different from cooking… cooking can be a part of food processing though… and we spend 4-5 years of studying the science of food (which includes food  chemistry, food microbiology and food engineering) just to lengthen the shelf life of foods at the same time preserving its good quality and nutrients… a tough course actually…just  ask any student from UPV.  that’s  why we feel a bit insulted whenever people think that we are cooks…

let’s just put it simply this way…

when you cook, you prepare foods that should be eaten immediately or within a short period (for a few days to a week)… you need simple utensils (like pans, pots, laddles)… cooking is roasting, sauteeing, broiling, steaming, etc.

when you process foods, you are preparing foods which can last for months or even years… most of the time you need to use specialized equipments (smoke house, can sealers, etc.)…  food processing is fermenting (wine), bottling, canning, pickling, smoking (smoked hams), curing (tocino, longanisa), drying, etc.

so i can say that i am not really a cook… well, i know how to cook as long as there’s the procedure as i am familiar with the different cooking methods…  its just that i am used to science, so instead of relying on my taste buds for the amount of seasonings that i would use, i still follow the correct measurement (in metric system) as what the procedure requires…

but you know what, i am learning how to cook now… senyora is teaching me how to use my senses during cooking.  last week, she let me help her cook turkey… and it was very very good… the meat was so tender and it was like melting inside my mouth… did i told you that i am mastering the art of making pancit too?

last monday was a holiday… it was a family day… friends visited us for the tong-its session (just to be clear, i dont play tong-its… i hate it).. yeah they played, and i was their waiter/singer (yep, i was the videoke king of the night).. and one of the cooks too… we bought an ox tongue at the chinese store last weekend, and my aunt told me that i would be in-charge of cooking it… what the heck, do or die… i googled for a lengua estofada recipe and followed the procedures.  and i think i cooked it good… it was one of the  ‘best-sellers’ at the table… i am beggining to love cooking! pots and pans, get ready to rumble…

now if you will excuse me, i am going to cook adobo using abyan  gladita’s recipe… good luck to me…  hehehe

14 Tugon

  1. Baw, cooking sessions with senyora… 🙂 Ti, wala man siya naghambal nga “Kwan, repeti dopo de mi…” hehehe… Then, basi magparecap sang lessons, mahambal siya “Ripetiamole velocemente Kwan.” 🙂

    Pasensiya, gina-aningal ko pang ang akon Italian lessons from Giovanna…. hehehe…


    Per sapere come parlare italiano?


  2. Hmmm… I am just fascinated with the language… 🙂

    same here… i am amazed whenever senyora talks in italian

  3. part sigurado ka? hahaha

    • hay, huo… sa akon pisli-an nga panabor… namit imo timplada. minus kamatis lang galing kay naubosan kami.. layo ang tiangge kag nahuya man ko mahulam sa puti namon nga neighbor… hahaha

  4. hahaha! i’m glad you liked it. ang kamatis indi man gid tama na necessary. iban la naman sina gagamit. may ara man nagabutang kalamay para daw medyo matam-is.

    • one time namangkot si senyora kung ngaa mahilig ta magbutang kalamay sa aton ginaluto. ginsabat ko sya nga ‘because we are sweet people’… kadlaw ang mal-am pero nagkumporme man

  5. hahahahha..serious s toto..hahahaha

    nga a daw akig ka nga tawgun cook..compliments na gani..kay damo sbng cook nga nd kabalo mag cook..pero ikaw, cook na tawag sa imo bisan gatuon ka pa lang mag cook…hahahha..other than pancit kay namaster mo na..hahaha

    • indi man sa akig ah… the point is indi magka level ang food tech kag cook. ang cook pwede ka obra sa white house… ang food tech pwede ka obra sa gamay nga coop. nga gaprocess gatas

  6. basi kulang ka lang sa aliw aliw…hahahaha..try ka maghampang tong its…dula kapoy mo kay ma enjoy ka gd..hahahahha…pwd ka intra da..hahahha

  7. hahahahaha..ikaw pa…nd kabalo tong its..hahahahha..unay majongan kag baraha sa balay niyo to..hahahahha

  8. hahahahaha..really? may chance man ang cook makaluto sa white house…hahahahaha..matuon man ko bala…para may chance ko magpa white house..hahahahaha…para madungan man ang menu ko other than pinaksiw nga isda..hahahaha… naburo na ako sng pinaksiw diri..hahahahaha..good kay papule na ako..makapa ayaw na ako baboy..hahahaha

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