canucks expressions

there are three expressions that stick to my mind whenever i talk to canadians from ontario:

1. ‘honest to God’

i dont know if its really a common expression, i used to always hear grammie saying that… like one time, i overheard her talking to somebody:

honest to God, kwan is really a born caring person…

then bossing also used that expression whenever he talks about something.

2. ‘you know what’

this one’s very common to younger generations… i think even Americans use this one… i hear it from the judges of American Idol.  i always have this smile whenever people say this phrase to me, for example:

you know what, just leave it there

duh, as if i dont know… can you read the word ‘stupid’ on my forehead…

but you know what i am using it now… without even realizing that i do… lol

3. ‘eh’

this is the canada’s signature expression… you know you are talking to a canadian if  they end their statement or question with ‘eh’…

its a fine weather today eh?

i’ll try to use the three expressions:

honest to God, you know what… i think i am learning how to use them… ala eh!

5 Tugon

  1. whahaha aba nanging batangeño ka na eh! whahaha
    nami ba? mangkot ko b sa mom ko kung gaamo man na sya maghambal whahaha…kita kits..

    you know what, you can ask your mom if she knows any other canadian expressions… eh

  2. haha..
    kaladlawan ee

  3. hahaha lingaw takun!

  4. hahaha lingaw takun! active pa ba ni nga account?!

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