drive slowly

i took and passed my G1 exam today…G1 is level one of graduated driver’s licensing in canada. daw pareho sang aton student license sa pinas.  te kay wala gid ko kakuha sang professional driver’s license sa P.I., maumpisa gid ko sa puno. para maka apply sang G1, kinahanglan lang nga mapass ang vision test plus ang written exam nga naga test sang knowledge mo sa road rules kag traffic signs… the written exam only took me less than 30 minutes… 20 items each for the traffic signs kag road rules, multiple choice and allows only 8 wrong answers for the whole exam.  bisan tuod multiple choice, some choices were confusing so kinahanglan nga pili-on gid ang best answer.  i have 3 wrong answers on the 40 item  questions, so ok naman.

kung mapasar na ang G1 exam, hatagan ka sang period para ma-pass ang two road tests para maconsider ka as fully licensed and will move you to level 2 (class G2) which gives you full Class G driving privilege.s Class G are any car, van or small truck or combination of vehicle and towed vehicle up to 11,000 kg provided the towed vehicle is not over 4,600 kg.  you will be called a probationary driver if you pass the G2 and had to complete 24 months probationary period without having the license suspended.  oha, medyo lawig no.. sa aton ya kadto ka lang sa calinog, pwede ka na kakuha professional driver’s license bisan bulag pa isa mo ka mata. hehehe

anyways, i am hoping to pass the next level exam kay budlay indi kabalo mag drive… diri,car is not a luxury.. its a necessity.

Isang Tugon

  1. congrats. kon magkuha ka gani road test tabuon mo nga spring or summer. budlay magkuha kon winter.

    gani… danlog ang dalan

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