home alone

im back. lots of things happened these past two weeks that i find it hard to update  my blog.

lola put lolo in the nursing home!

i was caught off guard that it took me days to realized that she really did. her reason was that lolo is getting weaker and she cant handle him during the weekends when i had my day off. sus, basta daw fix na sa isip nya ipasulod si lolo sa nursing home. but i didnt expect that it would be too soon. the first time she told me about it, she assured me that its going to take a while as the waiting list of the elderly at the nursing home is still long. then, after one day they put him on the critical list which would speed up his moving. but it would take 2-3 weeks kuno. then after another day, she told me that they’re taking lolo on the weekend.

dapuga, i was very shocked… thats when i started to realize that its not good for me… ang ibig sabihon, i am going to start from the beginning again.

siling nya, i should not be worried kay dali lang ko kuno makakita sang new work… sabat ko sya nga it would be hard, since i am male… and most employers are more comfortable with females. daw wala lang sa iya..

ginpamagkot nya ko if is it hard for me… i was very frustrated and controlled myself from getting angry that i cried in front of her and said…

of course its HARD for me

dapuga, manug christmas tapos amo pa ni natabo…

when i asked her if she could tell me if  she find something wrong about how i worked so that i correct it on my new employer, wala man kuno… she said that i had been very good to them.

yes, i know that i was very good to them, and i dont deserve to be kicked out.  ambot sa iya, siguro na anad na gid nga ara ko ga atipan kay lolo pirme nga daw indi nya na kaya kung bilin sya kung weekend… she could have hire a reliever… or bisan tani gin istorya nya man ko kay open man ko kung gusto nya weekend nga didto man ko… pero daw indi man tama guro nga didto ko whole week.

bisan pa tani nga pwede ipasulod si lolo dayun, she could have extend my service to them until maka kita ko new employer… ahay si lola ah… in fairness, she and lolo were very good to me during my stay at their home…

sang kami lang ni lolo ang  i asked him if he wanted to be put on the nursing home, ang sabat sang mal-am… gusto nya lang maging happy ang iya asawa… pero kung sya ang pa pili-on, mas comfortable sya ya sa balay nya… and i knew  that he meant that because i felt the sadness in his voice when he said that.

kag ako iya, balik sa puno… tanan nga job posting sa internet gina applyan… paugat… home alone at daytime… picture this… shoveling snow, and the only sound that you can hear is of the shovel hitting the pavement…  it should not be like this… kay lapit na lang ang Paskwa… kag kinahanglan makapadala man ko sa akon pamilya para may pang noche buena bisan gamay lang….

pero siling gani… basta may bagyo, may PAGASA… hopefully, i will have the best Christmas gift this year… a new job…

10 Tugon

  1. Cheer up, Migs! Count your blessings.

    Merry Christmas to you. 🙂

  2. when God closes a door He opens a window…it was been a tested fromula for me….just keep on praying and try to discern kung ano gid bala plano ni Lord…hope u are ok gid. be praying for strength and supplication to your daily needs…

    remember ted ito’s song….hehe

  3. Yeah, cheer up!
    Pero daw kabudlay mag pa-cheer up kon medyo kabalo ka nga delicate ang security of tenure mo sa work… uso di subong retrenchment sa pinas ah…

    Pero Merry Christmas gyapon kag Advance Happy New Year!

    Ngirit ta ya gyapon ah…. 😀

  4. “patience is a virtue”……….wish you luck my bestfriend johnny…!!!!

  5. great things come to those who wait. be patient amigo. may ara gid natigana sa imo. pray ta ka pirmi.

  6. cge lang pre kaluy-an ka gid sina sang Mahal nga Makaako nga wala gid nagapabaya sa iya mga anak. bay-i lang pre, magapangamuyo ako sa akon Patron nga si San Antonio de Padua nag buligan nya ka pangita sang nagakaigo nga obra para makapadala ka na sa imo pamilya kag sa AKON.jowk!! hehehe.

  7. abyan, take this as another challenge that will moulds your personal strength..for geting better and better…..just keep yourself cool for the meantime… who knows, someone will knock on your tita’s door one of these days offering you a better and more stable work…

    ari lang kami di ah…

  8. pre..maayong paskwa lang da. tani makakita ka na sang trabaho. ginapangamuyo ko gid ran.God bless you always.

  9. merry christmas, kwan! don’t be discouraged by life’s humps and bumps. something bigger and better will come your way in 2009!

  10. Dont worry makakahanap ka rin ng trabaho mas maganda pa sa una, step by step ika nga. Cheeeerrrrrssss!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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