weekend with the weirs

the weirs are leaving soon. so the mom is busy packing their belongings.  and she cant really sort and pack if her children are around.  so i volunteered to play with her three kids this weekend. their mom told me that they’re looking forward for my visit. here’s my three little friends:


aidan is the eldest.  the big brother to his brother and sister and loves to talk but can play alone.


ethan is the makulit and the smart one. he’s the most hyper and loves to play… he’s the one who met me at their door when i arrived. very friendly kid.

cute little lauren

dear sweet lauren… i was surprised that she did not cry when her mom went out for a few minutes and left her with me and her two brothers.  when aidan asked me about my name again, lauren quickly answered:

his name is dahn (john)

aint that cute, eh?

these kids really like to play a lot as if they never get tired of playing. since i arrived, we just stop for their early dinner and some tv, then they keep on playing til i left.

just one of the two instances that i saw ethan stopped playing

when their mom went to the grocery store they asked me to take them to the park.  the kids said that its just near…. errr… thats what they made me to believe to… heh, right… near… ly more than 3 blocks away!  and little lauren, with a feeding bottle on her hand, would not allow me to carry her…

and ethan even borrowed my sunglass while were wewalking on the road…

cool eh?

when we reached the park, they rode on the swing and asked me to push them underdog… which i didnt know til their mom arrived. i was a bit tired but i have fun with these little munchkins… i am a bit sad, that they are moving to alberta though…

but of course, should i leave without some souvenir shot with them…

4 Tugon

  1. Cute kids!!!!

    yep, they are… great kids too

  2. hey…

    ilonggo ka man???

    huod, eh. karay-a pa gani eh…

  3. meaning, pwede ka na mag asawa kag mamata kay daw you’re good with kids. hahaha.

    haha. daw amo gid…

  4. Nong bagay ka na mging tatay…I wish u will find na u ur soulmate….

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