babay daku nga telon

i was a moviegoer. was because i used to watch movies every weekend. when malls opened in iloilo, there are times when i would even transfer from one cinema to another within a day. saturday was my movie day. i was the walking movie guide at the office as i was always updated of film showings. i even saved the hotline numbers of robinson’s and sm cinema so that i would know the screening time and which cinema that film would be shown. i always watched alone because: 1. i can re-watch the film that i like; and 2. i can sleep if the film was bad.

then came pirated dvds. i realized that i can save if i buy bootleg dvd. all i did was to wait for a few months for the dvd copies of movie, and i could watch films at any convenient time. with the increase on ticket price plus lack of money, my movie watching habit changed. i now watch films if 1. the movie is really good, 2. it needs to be watched on big screen and 3. if i am with friends. the latter often serves as a bonding activity with the dabarkads (bisan indi ko type ang sine kay nanghagad sila nga malantaw, te upod man eh).

since i will be leaving soon, i invited my friends to watch a movie at sm city. we planned to watch the richard-kc movie but while on the road, we learned that its director was the ate gay look-alike BB. joyce bernal… ewww… she’s trying hard in making her movies funny by sometimes putting corny toilet humors… daw palagpat basta lang mahimo nga funny ang mga scenes… daw yamuhat.

pag-abot sa sm city, wala na second thoughts pagkakita nga showing pa ang x-files: i want to believe. uso sang una ang x-files, though i really i tried to be a regular viewer of the show at rpn 8, i only caught a few episodes. the film was ok lang… i thought i was just watching a tv episode of x-files and not really watching a film. hehehe… but for being the last movie that i watched at sm city this year, its not that bad.

before i go, movie ticket cost P65.50-75.50, four sm cinemas are under renovation, and cinema’s urinals no longer use water. babay sinehan… hopefully, pagbalik ko may IMAX na sa iloilo. and i might go back to my old movie watching habit.

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