pinoy idol? no!!! its biliran idol…

i used to have high hopes on pinoy idol. i am from the province so i wasnt able to watch the first one, named philippine idol in abc 5 (?). neither the american idol… well, i caught carrie underwood’s season finale at A.I site. thus, when gma 7 acquired the franchise for the pinoy idol, i was a bit excited since its the pinoy version of the famous tv show in the US today.

however, every week my excitement began to fade, and my hopes turned into disappointment. even with the judges, when the show started i thought they would proved the critics wrong but they didnt. ogie was good… jolina was ok… and wyngard… errr…. well, he’s trying hard to be like one of the feisty american idol US judge. he even wears the black tshirts ala-simon cowell… credibility and music background are very important, huh… oh right, wyngard was a contestant on the first season of celebrity duets where the winner was based on text votes and not necessarily on performance.

then a few weeks before the finale, very good finalists were voted out week after week… mae, sue, penelope, kid, daryl… thank God jay-ann was included on the final three… she could have saved the show… well, i thought she could… if she would be declared as the first pinoy idol… unfortunately, she was not… the title went to the finalist from biliran… the daughter of the governor… and we cant stop people from thinking if politics had a role on it… the winner was ok… and IMHO, i will be ok if she’s really good… but still, there other finalists much better than her… its the text votes that count though.

let’s just hope that gretchen will prove that she deserves the title as the first pinoy idol.

and i am hoping that the first philippine survivor will not be as lousy as P.I. i am still a kapuso but i am not proud of pinoy idol.

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  1. haha, same here dude, text votes can be manipulated, what a shame

    indeed… hehe

  2. Pareho gid ta. Mayuhan ko tani kay major network na gid ang nagfranchise sang IDOL, kag I thought GMA will do fine sa ini nga singing contest knowing its history (like Bagong Kampeon, PPS, Celebrity Duets, etc).

    However, my excitement faded away when I saw the first live performance episode. There were many blank moments, gakadelay ang host, gakadelay ang music, ang audio sang mga contestant daw karaoke ang sound despite the live band headed by the legendary Danny Tan.

    The judges were lousy critics for Pinoy Idol. I liked the judges better in Philippine Idol… IMHO, Augie had credibility as a composer, but not as a critic… Jolina – never mind. Wyngard – passable, he made stars out of many ordinary people, so he knows raw talent when he sees one. And he is really like that – bitchy… haha! I mean, their comments were always “safe”. I miss the lines by Mr. C. in Phil Idol like “Vocal range is anatomical.”… Or “your last note was a flat”… etc… Comments that could only be made by a musically intelligent jurist. Ang sa ila ya “hindi ko naramdaman ang performance mo” pirmi ang linya… Ti, paano ka na bi makahatag sang informed choice sa voting public nga ini siya maayo nga singer or indi?

    The host also lacked spontaneity, but he improved a bit as the contest DRAGGED on…

    Pinoy Idol Extra was also verging on TRYING HARD TEAR JERKER-CONFLICT SAWER-OA GAMES-LOVE TEAM plots to bring the contestants closer to the voting public. Diin ka na ya bala kakita nga ang mga contestants ginapahampang pa truth or consequence with matching fish bowl in pyjamas? Hehehe… diri lang eh… (They failed here since makita gid nga nagalagas sila sa PDA in bringing the contestants to the viewers’ hearts).

    Pinoy Idol also showed the immaturity of the texting masses, choosing popularity over musicality. I was hoping that GMA7 will do something about it, pero wala. The masses sometimes can’t be trusted in making an intelligent choice (example: look at our govt officials).

    My next choice when Penelope was voted out was Jay-ann… Mayo na lang na gawa nga si Gretchen ang nag-daug kaysa si Ram ang nagdaug (pinaka-OA kag TRYING HARD magperform). Mas mayuhan pa ko ni Toffer kaysa sa iya…

    Anyway, PDA is way way way better in terms of program format, critique and music lessons, although may bloopers man sila sa hosting…
    Oops… indi ko kapamilya or kapuso pre, gincompare ko lang sila… Kag may libre to bi nga voice lesson sa PDA eh… 🙂

    Ti, kundi daw isa naman ka blog entry comment ko… 🙂

    very well said… isa na ni ka blog entry ang comment mo. hahaha

  3. “naramdaman” kita abyan. kainis. permi lang “hindi kita naramdaman” buset! mayad pa to si penelope sa taga biliran nga na. and i was rooting for jay-ann. gwapa na nami pa tingog. pero ok lang na. several times man nga ang second placer mas sikat pa sa nag first.

    @coolwaterworks – part, dapat may bayad na na imo comment. hehehe

    kung may ipagpasalamat kita, ina ang wala liwan nga (hay) natapos na gid man

  4. wala ko mahambal kay wala ko galantaw PI. pero nalantaw ko ang final night. kag kapuso ka gid gali manong earl.

    huod, proud to be kapusod, este kapuso

  5. hmmmmm i used to watch pinoy idol on kapuso channel and just like you my am quite disappointed with the final result. there are better finalist than of gretchen.

    just thinking where is gretchen now? busy sa fiesta tours.. lol

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