mahal shower na tayo

at chicks to chicks, ines (nova villa) always asked her husband (freddie webb) to take a shower together. i would wonder… mainit ba sa bahay nila.. probably…. because the sexy boarders were always on their bathing suits too…

then theres the olympics… one of the events that i like to watch is the diving competition. who will not be amused by the acrobatic stunts, twists and somersaults by the divers… kag sagad gid na di ang mga intsik…

i just have one question though…

why do divers head directly to shower after the dive?

2 Tugon

  1. LOL! I know exactly why. To warm up. The temperature in the air is much cooler than in water in the pool. This temperature difference can cause muscle tightness so to avoid this, they shower after the swim. It pays to read Yahoo!

    Pero tani manago man sila no?

    heh, mas mayo gani nga wala sila gapanago

  2. hay nano na nga english akon man? gibberish ah. LOL! kahuluya man na man. abyan, paki correct na gani palihog. ‘air temperature is more coller than that of the water….’ hay… pasmado na. daw carpal tunnel syndrome na ini. 😀

    hmmmmm… diin mo na ginagamit palad mo? hahaha. mayo wala sya kibol pareho sang akon kamot. hahaha

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