the kulogo-coated choco bar

for two nights, i was always awaken by toothache. its been years since i experienced this that i forgot how painful it is. i had been eating this choco mucho since last week, and i am sure that this causes my midnight ordeal. enough of my sweet tooth… i wish i am my friend’s nephew… they discouraged him to eat the said choco bar, because they told him that its full of kalunggo (warts)….

can u eat this?

can u resist this?

right, a yucky way to make everybody lose their appetite.

2 Tugon

  1. ay abaw, daw ako man ba. man nagsabay man sa mga pakaisahan kaon tsokolate. kulang na gd sa practice!

    talagsa lang ko magbakal isa ka box nga chocolate, and i never expected that it will give me toothache… hay life is a box of chocolate

  2. ay abaw.. lain gd man ya kung pustiso na ngipon ta kay wala na ta na ya babatyag. ahehe. choco mucho man ang gna tira ko permi.. maski mu lng na ya tsura ya. mayad man ah for a cheap one..

    barato gani, bawi kag sobra pa ang sabor

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