hapi beerday

i am sleepy this morning. I was out with the dabarkads last night to celebrate migo dan’s birthday. we were supposed to leave tigbauan at 7:00 pm but due to some miscommunication we left an hour and half later. yvette thought that we were having dinner at dan’s place when in fact dan wanted to bring us to the city.

toping was always his jolly self (pareho kami, nag timo^-timo^ anay antis maglakat) while jade was definitely hungry because she was silent until we reached the city. i thought they will be ok with pasta so i suggested that we should try afrique’s in duran st., then they asked for some chicken and rice. heh, small plates for pasta were set at our table and i was the only one who ordered for sicillian pasta. manyapon gid gle tana sanda!



after dinner, the birthday boy brought us to smallville and ordered some drinks. errrr… nubo tolerance ko sa inuman, asta lang ko tani 2 bottles pero huya man ta, te kalab-ot apat eh. lingin na dayun akon ulo nga gindugangan man sang baskug nga music sa MO2. te wala choice, nagpahangin-hangin na lang ko iya sa gwa with jade and yvette while toping and dan were having fun inside until 2:00 am. somebody exchanged numbers with somebody. may nakakita future textmate bords!


so it was dan’s special day. the latest addition on my small group of friends. he is also one of our high school classmates but he used to have different set of friends before. when another classmate, nelyn went home two years ago, we have this mini-high school reunion with former classmates . since then, the ‘unattachables’ began going out as a group. it turned out that the dabarkad clicked and became closer than before. im sure most of us regret that we did not have the chance to bond during our high school days.

anyways, dan is currently seeking… kulang na lang asawa part’. anybody who is interested… let me know. daw indi man guro ta mahuy-an magpatigayon ah. responsable, kalog kag mayo man tindug… ja proof hu.


taken near the river thames in london… daw sa kapihu, pati ka na ah, iloilo river sa likod capitol.

4 Tugon

  1. ayos pose mo a 🙂

  2. grabe, all out support ka gd sa kawsa sang amigo mo, ha. aber ano na ang ginapangita ya kay patigayunan ta LOL!

    hmmm… basi gusto nya buot kag responsible. mas mayo pa gid kung may itsura.

  3. damo piktyur ba…. 😀

    huo eh, 3 gb na ang file capacity sang wordpress te pagusto na ta ni post pictures

  4. part…reservation ko da ha. ang miga ko to bagayan gid na sila. hahaha…ang aton plano ha.

    hahaha. tani no…

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