buhay tagapagsaling-wika

i am beginning to like my job as a volunteer translator for an NGO. i know that aside from helping others, i am learning too. the work we are doing is centered around the website, providing development information in local languages so that those in the community can read. in my case, i am doing translations from english to tagalog language. at first, i was doubting my skills and i was afraid that i could translate it ala-komiks. fortunately, i find this online tagalog-english translator which is really a big help.

at present, i am translating a module about report writing (and i am also learning how to write better reports while translating). may ara translations nga daw maham-ut ako kag indi ko sigurado kung gamiton ko o indi.

i learned that their tagalog equivalents are:

  • loathe – masuklam
  • esoteric – pribado
  • therefore – samakatwid
  • stimulate – pasiglahin
  • target – patamaan

kag may ara man nga daw ginhambal lang sa tagalog ang pag-translate:

  • animation – animasyon
  • conclusion – konklusyon
  • phrase – prase
  • strategy – estratehiya

there are some words which don’t have tagalog translations:

  • mobiliser
  • convulated

and there are some which needs two or more tagalog words to translate…

  • concise – maikli subalit malaman
  • ignore – magwalang bahala
  • subtitle – pangalawang pamagat
  • empowerment – pagpapalakas ng kapangyahiran
  • brainstorm – atake ng kabaliwan (nga ginkabuang ko sa pagkaham-ut… hehehe)

Isang Tugon

  1. mobilizer – taga ikot (hahahaha)

    hmmm… pwede man no. hehehe

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