lost in translation

two lonely strangers find themselves together in a strange land. a nice plot for a movie entitled ‘lost in translation‘. is there any country you want to be culture shocked other than japan? will you turn your head if you see a kimono-dressed lady walking behind an anime-looking teenage girl in a busy intersection at downtown tokyo? the movie is one of my favorite, but i will not talk about the film today. i’m going to write about something that i experienced this morning.

last month, i signed in for a volunteer online work which centered around a community empowerment website that provides development information in local languages and the job is to translate english training modules to tagalog. last week, i got an email from the program director who informed me that i was qualified for the job and that i can start as soon as i have extra time.

so after downloading the required program for the task, i started translating the page that they sent when i read the following keywords that should be translated to tagalog:

animation, awareness raising, capacity, capacity development, community, community development, community participation, culture, decentralization, democratization, dependency, development, empowerment, evaluation, gender, governance, habitat, income generation, management, management training, mobilisation, mobilization, monitoring, participation, partnership, poverty elimination, report writing, settlements, social, social animation, social change, sustainable, train, trainer, training, transparency, urban, urbanization.

errrr… nabal-an ko bala kung ano ang ginsudlan ko? dapugerz, first word pa lang daw ma-surrender na ko. ano sa tagalog ang animation?

pasa-uta na lang ko kagat-labi.

3 Tugon

  1. animation = kinarton. hehehe..ano nga site part? http://www.nabuur.com?

  2. haha animation=animasyon.. palagpatanay… mahemorrhage ko ni sang translation sini…

    hehehe, ginresearch ko na tagalog version sang animation – animasyon o sigla…

  3. hahaha. yay! grabe, bisan ako daw ma-surrender sa mga words. nosebleed gd! haha.

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