stock, lock and roll

when my aunt was still in canada, she asked me to send her the list of equipments and ingredients which she can bring in PI. so, i did some research and find a meat tumbler which we can use for our tocino making. she brought:



a reveo marivac food tumbler.

the said equipment promises an even distribution of marinade and tender meat. marivac might be the combination of marinate and vacuum (indi ko sure, base lang na sa akon nga food tech nga isip). anyways, the principles behind this technology are 1.) vacuum the air from the meat, and eventually stretching the fibers so that the marinade can penetrate into the core of the meat, 2.) as food tumbles in the rolling barrel, the inside paddles tenderize it, while the tumbling action allows the marinade to saturate evenly.

when i saw her last monday, she told me that i should check it out at our ‘processing area’. nadismaya ko galing. indi ma-open ang barrel.. grrr… na-vacuum! kag ang manual sa sulod sang barrel. sa kaugot akon ah.

anay ka, the post reads like an advertisement. nge, indi ayangan, este angayan.


Isang Tugon

  1. hmm….daw paid add ni haw? hehehe

    hahaha… practice lang.

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