kasal na ni abyan rex sa domingo. and i am so honored to be chosen as his best man. sus, first time mag-bestman ni thoto.. kublaan ko ‘part. kapin pa kay may bestman’s toast as part of the program. kung pwede pa lang tani nga i-record ko na lang akon speech kag mag lip synch na lang ko sa program. pero huya man ta kay rex. bal-an ko nga indi ya ko paghimuon nga bestman kung indi ko kaya, te go ah.

para ano nga ara ang internet kung indi ko mangita sang tips kung paano magsulat sang speech. salamat sa kay brad montgomery.

una butang una (first thing first, kung si doc riz pa) , honor the important people.
as the best man, you are responsible for honoring various guests.


ikaduha, be nice and concise.

your toast should NEVER exceed five minutes, and that can be a bit on the long end. say enough to effectively convey your love and appreciation for the newlyweds, but spare them and the rest of the guests of longwinded stories from your high school days. quotes or anecdotes can be effective is used properly, so make sure whatever you say, be it original or borrowed, actually has something to do with the people to whom you are toasting. Try to avoid choosing a quote you like and forging some obscure tie between the words and the newlyweds. The more personal your words, typically the better your speech will be. Be sincere, speak slowly, and address everyone in the room. Don’t forget to mention how honored you are to be the best man, how happy you are for the couple, and how much happiness and good fortune you wish them in the future. At the conclusion of your speech, make your brief toast (i.e. “Will everyone please join me now to toast the bride and groom…”), raise your glass directly to the bride and groom, and share a drink with the rest of the guests.


abi, tilawan ta sulat. sus, gapalamalhas man ko sang panumdom english words ba.


ginbasa ko ang ginsulat ko nga speech… dapuga, tama ka serious bord. gin-print ko na lang ah. para kung malipat ko gani may ara nga kodigo. kung kurdamon na ko gani, laban-laban gid nga basahon ko na lang. o pwede man guro no, isulat ko sa manila paper as idiot board. hehe… ngaa abi indi, si GMA gani may teleprompter.depende sa sitwasyon, basi indi ko man ini magamit. bahala na si batman. wish me luck.







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